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The networking environment previously occurred in social clubs such as Lions’ Clubs, Jaycees or Toastmasters.  Networking also used to occur in country clubs, churches and neighborhoods.  This was a face to face meeting and it was usually previously scheduled. It had a fee one needed to pay to attend at the country club, professional conference or if it was instead a professional club it had a minimal joiner fee,  required you to perhaps hold an office and/or meet at least once a month to  network with the other members.     If it was your neighborhood that you were choosing to network in, it required you to be able to afford the house in that neighborhood in which you wanted to build your professional reputation or business.  Communicating effectively prior to 1990 within a network, if we were not networking in person, we would have used the postal system, telephone system with voice or fax.  We also might have placed an ad in the yellow pages, newspaper, on TV and/or on radio which would have allowed us to share our message in a one way type of environment.    Today not only do we use those same forms of communicating we also now use computers, email, internet, cell-phones,  and mobile computers connected to wireless networks.  It is the current way to meet people professionally and socially.  One example, is a new movie called “Of Kings and Cowboys” in production in 2010 in which the Hollywood writer and now director David Martlet met his fellow executive directors on a social networking site in a polo group. It will be the first movie where the professionals creating the movie met on a social networking site, and it will be the first movie set with polo as the backdrop of love and drama as the professionals were addicted to polo (Marlett, 2009).

Another example of successful social networking, is how well Obama ran his campaign and won the presidency as he is proficient in and master of  web 2.0 and traditional web toolsets (Smith, 2009).  He utilized Facebook, Twitter, My Space, SMS text messaging, email, and wiki’s at a level that no president or candidate has ever done before. There are presently many new ways to communicate effectively and efficiently which also allow us to interact innovatively with other professionals in our career fields, suppliers, and customers or potential customers.